A visit to 7 Nails Spa is the perfect way to give your nails a makeover. Whether it’s a manicure or pedicure you are looking for, their experienced team of nail technicians will create the look and feel you desire. From French tips and sparkly gems to intricate nail art designs, 7 Nails Spa has something for everyone. The highly trained professionals at this spa tailor each experience to suit individual tastes and preferences. During the treatment, clients can relax in a tranquil environment while getting their nails in tip-top shape. They provide treatments such as filing, buffing, trimming, french manicures/pedicures and more. The spa also offers luxurious extras such as paraffin waxing and hand massages that leave your hands feeling soft and smooth afterwards.

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A manicure is a great way to pamper yourself and enhance your look. 7 Nails Spa is the go-to place for a luxurious nails manicure experience. Their expert staff are trained to deliver the perfect service, from a classic French Manicure to intricate nail art designs. At 7 Nails Spa, you can choose from an array of colors for your nails manicure and get creative with their 3D nail art decorations. From butterflies to stars, you will find something that will fit any style or occasion. They also offer specialized services like gel nails, acrylics and more! With over 40 different shades of polish available, they guarantee quality results at an affordable price.