Nails manicure and acrylic nails are some of the most popular beauty treatments among women today. 7 Nails Spa offers a range of nail services, including manicures and acrylic nails, to help you achieve beautiful, healthy-looking nails. A nails manicure at 7 Nails Spa involves cleaning your nails thoroughly, shaping them to your desired length and style, soaking them in warm water to soften the cuticles followed by pushing back the cuticles gently. Next comes exfoliation before applying a moisturizing lotion or cream that will leave your hands feeling silky smooth. The final touch is adding polish in the color of your choice or opting for a French tip design. Acrylic nails are becoming increasingly popular among women looking for long-lasting and durable nail extensions.

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Nail art is a creative and unique way to express oneself. One of the most popular styles in nail art is stiletto nails. These long and pointed nails are sleek, stylish, and add an extra edge to any look. At 7 Nails Spa, we specialize in helping our clients achieve the perfect set of stiletto nails. Our experienced technicians use high-quality products and techniques to create custom designs that are tailored to each client’s individual style. From bold colors to intricate patterns, we can bring your nail art vision to life on your stiletto nails. We take pride in our attention to detail and ensure that every nail is polished and perfected before you leave our salon. Not only are stiletto nails fashionable, but they also have practical benefits as well. The pointed tip helps elongate the fingers, giving them a more slender appearance.
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